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Fabio Intelligente


Welcome to my “Pills” page! Here you will find brief tips and tricks useful for the LabVIEW development environment and the NI ecosystem.

If you are passionate about LabVIEW and are always looking for new tools to improve your workflow, you are in the right place! Follow me so you don’t miss any of my Pills!


NI Certifications

After my first experience in software development during university, I worked with some of the first NI partner companies as well as for several multinationals.

🎯 It was only in 2019 that I decided to embrace the world of freelancing and open up my horizons, being able to build my guarantee of professionalism and competence in front of the large companies that chose me to achieve their goals.

✅ How? By certifying my skills directly with NI. NI certifications offer great recognition throughout the industry and allow you to distinguish your LabVIEW skills:

  • 👉 The CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer) certification attests to your extensive knowledge of the LabVIEW environment. Understanding the world of code, reading and interpreting existing code will be easier.
  • 👉  With the CLD certification (Certified LabVIEW Developer), you can prove your ability to design and develop programmes, minimise development time and ensure high standards of work. In this way, you can supervise and lead teams of less experienced engineers and improve their skills.
  • 👉 The CLA (Certified LabVIEW Architect) certification documents the technical skills in designing highly complex software and managing the assigned team of developers.

I achieved these recognitions, which allowed me to be ranked as an NI Partner: I distinguished myself in the industry with the CPI (Certified Professional Instructor) certification, becoming a Certified Instructor. I have the opportunity to train the best engineers in the field and enhance the work of the professionals who rely on me.

Find out more about my path and how I can help you! (https://fabiointelligente.it/who-i-am/)

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Windows and LV compatibility

LabVIEW is a tool with huge potential for software development for automated and complex test systems.

But what happens when it meets Windows11? It depends on the version!

If you have not already downloaded version 2023 of Windows11, now is the right time to do so.

As NI (https://www.ni.com/it-it/support/documentation/supplemental/22/ni-product-compatibility-for-microsoft-windows-11-.html) confirms, LabVIEW components work correctly, as do the most important drivers and add-ons.

🎯 Implement your project with me now to unlock the hidden potential of your company’s test system and increase its performance, reliability and productivity.

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