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Fabio Intelligente

Find out who I am.

I am an electronic engineer and after a period in the university world I worked as a consultant in various realities. After several years as an employee, I decided it was time to put myself to the test.

My work experiences have allowed me to deeply understand the LabView development environment and the NI ecosystem. I have obtained the CLA and CPI certifications, recognitions that have allowed me to be counted as an NI consultant

My work experiences

The university period

After completing my engineering studies at Polytechnic University of Bari, I decided to stay in the University world working as a researcher in the Physics department for the development of software and the reconstruction of satellite images

From 2007 to 2015

In recent years I have worked for various multinationals (Rheinmetall,Northrop Grumann,Fameccanica,Honeywell and others) thanks to the collaboration with Robotronix one of the main NI Alliance Partner Companies


I left the city of Pescara to join the Brembo R&D department joining the Alten consulting company


In 2016 I worked with companies such as Whirlpool, Toyota and ABB thanks to the working relationship established with Altran

From 2017 to today

In 2017 I decided to return to Pescara and after a short collaboration with Pierburg, the need to work independently and with wider horizon matured

These are the main courses I have attended over the years

— NI VeriStand Product Training
— Developing Test Programs Using TestStand
— LabVIEW Core I, II e III

I have also obtained the CLA and CPI certification

Why choose my consulting?

The certifications obtained are a guarantee of professionalism and expertise supported even more by having been chosen by NI as a consultant.

The continuous updating and the natural inclination to share knowledge allow my clients to take advantage of my collaboration both to obtain the result I was hired for and to learn programming techniques. It my habit to share the technical choices with the staff and hold sessions to explain  the fundamental passages of the code.

Experience has confirmed to me that this way of operating allows us to establish a relationship of trust with the customer that is perpetuated over time.

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